A bit tardy on the updates

First, let me start off by apologizing for the lack of available reading materials on the site.  We’ve been very busy around the Hughes household recently and there just hasn’t been as much time available as I would like to post on the site.  With that being said let me catch you up with what is going on around here.

The biggest happening around here to this point is that our Foreign Exchange student is on his way  to the states as you’re reading this.  He’ll land in New York this afternoon and spend a couple of  decompression days in New York before heading to Sacramento on Saturday for us to pick him up  and bring him back home.  Congratulations, it’s a 15 year old boy.  smileyface  Raphael will be going to  school here and staying with our family until June of next year.  We’re so very excited that he is  giving us this exceptional opportunity to learn more about the German culture.

The second biggest happening is that Jarrett has gotten his permit and is now  driving.  He’s a bit nervous and kind of stressed out and we’re not really quite sure what’s causing  it, so we’re taking it slow and steady with his approach to getting his license.  However, we are  taking donations for his new bumper sticker.

drivingAll donations can be sent directly to me and will be applied to Jarrett’s bumper sticker and $1.4 billion dollar increase in our insurance rates.  grin

Amy’s new venture VAST Scheduling is going a bit slower than she wanted but I know that she will make it a success.  They have a phenomenal concept that is just going to take some time to build a name for itself and than I think it will just take off like a wildfire.  For those of you who haven’t heard about what VAST is, Vast Scheduling’s is an online assigning system that offers the most flexible, accessible, and dependable way to schedule and communicate with Officials and Athletic Department personnel.  Each individual system is tailored to your needs.  If you know some folks who are struggling with their referee’s or any assigning system send em to VAST’s website and maybe their team can help.

I recently decided that I wanted to coach at the collegiate level and I looked through the methods of getting there and decided that I need to acquire another Masters Degree, so I enrolled and went back to school working to get a Masters of Science Degree in Sports Management – Coaching Theory and Strategy.  So far it’s going really pretty well.  My first class, which is always the hardest for me I am assured of no less than a B+ in the class and the finals are being graded so I expect to get really close to an A in my first class which is a great way to start this whole college career thing out.

Football seasons is rapidly approaching and our coaching staff has been working hard trying to raise funds for new uniforms, footballs, travel expenses and just random football goodies that it takes to operate a football program at the High School level.  We’re currently running a fundraiser with My Sports Dreams, which can be found here Football Fundraising.  Help us raise funds please.  If you know someone who’s got some money that they would like to donate have them click on that link, it all goes to help out our High School Football team.

Well that should be enough reading for now.  Gotta Run.

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