Happy 4th of July; It still means freedom

On this, the 235th celebration of our nation’s declaration of independence, I want to remind everyone about the meaning of the day and for at least a few moments amid the BBQ’s, summer fun and fireworks, remember that for hundreds of millions of people around the world America from it’s very beginning, has been a beacon of freedom.

Our greatest national tradition began the day that Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence and what it has come to represent.

We are a quilt of many threads and our strength as a nation lies in our ability to overcome adversity, accept our differences and celebrate what freedom really means.

It means accepting the responsibility of defending it, of opposing oppression outside our country and eradicating bigotry, and hatred within it.

Freedom means living a life of responsible choice. That amazing gift, that fundamental, and fantastic human right codified by our forefathers is worth cherishing and celebrating.

Tonight, when you see the fireworks, where ever you are, I urge you to express your gratitude for your ability to live in the greatest nation on earth.


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