Spring Practice – Week 1

Missing the first two days of the spring practice were probably the two most bittersweet days I’ve had in a relatively long time.  Spending time with my In-Laws in Vegas is so much fun, while my wife and boys get to relax and have a good time.  That all being said, the control freak in me has a hard time not being around something that I know I am responsible for.  Overall, I got through missing the first two days of practice and was out there for Wednesday’s classroom day and Thursday’s field day.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they picked up on the basic premise of what we’re attempting to do with the new blocking scheme.  I had jotted down some things that I felt might take a little while for the guys to understand and would be a good coverage topic that would last roughly 15-20 minutes.  After about 5 minutes inside the discussion I was grasping at things that the boys were really ready for.  All in all a nice breakdown.

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