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A bit tardy on the updates

First, let me start off by apologizing for the lack of available reading materials on the site.  We’ve been very busy around the Hughes household recently and there just hasn’t been as much time available as I would like to post on the site.  With that being said let me catch you up with what […]

Heidelberg, It’s where exchange happens!

Raphael and his family sent us a video to watch of his hometown in Heidelberg, Germany.  It was an amazing video, which was about 45 minutes long.  Heidelberg to me reminds me very much of Quincy where we live.  It has some amazing castle’s which for me as a history guy is something that is […]

AYUSA Foreign Exchange Student

We had our meeting this morning with Dr. Sue from the high school and she signed the papers which was a big step in the process of us being able to host a foreign exchange student. We’ve faxed back that paperwork to Antonio, who is our AYUSA representative, and now we’re just going to have […]

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