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A bit tardy on the updates

First, let me start off by apologizing for the lack of available reading materials on the site.  We’ve been very busy around the Hughes household recently and there just hasn’t been as much time available as I would like to post on the site.  With that being said let me catch you up with what […]

Happy 4th of July; It still means freedom

On this, the 235th celebration of our nation’s declaration of independence, I want to remind everyone about the meaning of the day and for at least a few moments amid the BBQ’s, summer fun and fireworks, remember that for hundreds of millions of people around the world America from it’s very beginning, has been a […]

Shawn’s Report Card

Shawn Hughes. Below is your calculated GPA. Geography, which had a grade of B, counted as 3.00 PE, which had a grade of A, counted as 4.00 Culinary Arts, which had a grade of A, counted as 4.00

Jarrett’s Report Card

Jarrett Hughes. Below is your calculated GPA. English, which had a grade of C+, counted as 2.33 Chemistry, which had a grade of B-, counted as 2.67 PE, which had a grade of A, counted as 4.00

Track Awards

Last night, the Quincy High School Track and Field teams held their annual awards night.  The boys both brought home a little bit of hardware as you can see by the picture.  Shawn was awarded the best JV Discus Thrower, and Jarrett was awarded the best JV Triple and Long Jumper for the 2011 year. […]

North Section CIF Division III Track and Field Finals today

The Quincy High School Track and Field Finals qualifiers set out this morning to Mount Shasta High School to compete.  Shawn was seeded 4th in the discus, but hasn’t really thrown well until this week.  The Division 3 throwers in front of him the top throw is 124’8 inches, but Shawn has really been working […]

Mid-Valley League Finals Results Are In!

The Mid-Valley League Finals took place Friday, May 13, 2011 at Yuba College, Marysville, with Field Events starting at 10:00AM and Track Events starting at 11:00AM.

Heidelberg, It’s where exchange happens!

Raphael and his family sent us a video to watch of his hometown in Heidelberg, Germany.  It was an amazing video, which was about 45 minutes long.  Heidelberg to me reminds me very much of Quincy where we live.  It has some amazing castle’s which for me as a history guy is something that is […]

Updated Track Profiles

I haven’t posted lately so I figured that I would update the boys track profiles on the site.  

Quincy Varsity Track Garners 1st Place in MVL League Meet

Varsity – Mens Results 1. Quincy QNCY 99 2. Providence Christian PRCH 73 3. Biggs BIGG 39

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